About Us

We are a software engineering company registered and based in London (UK) and provide cutting-edge intelligent business solutions, training, and consultancy services. Our focus is quality achieved through application of design principles and patterns in software development projects. We believe that the right development process and design is key in forming an end-product that satisfies all the quality criteria expected of an enterprise software application.

Development Projects: Our main activity is centred around the development and support services of our brand (i.e. Patternway iBPM Suite). In addition, we provide development assistance to our clients on their development, integration, quality improvement and process management project.

Training Courses: We operate a number of comprehensive and hands-on training courses on Business Process Management system (e.g. jBPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). We also provide bespoke courses that are suitable for specific requirements.

Consultancy: We provide consultancy services on software design and development, service oriented architecture and application integration. We assist our clients to leverage design principles and patterns to produce better quality software and integrate systems to capture maximum functionality and collaboration.

A further objective of the company is to provide a knowledge-base on both theoretical and practical issues concerning operational intelligence technologies. In time we hope that the knowledge-base would grow to include an extensive resource on a range of issues and include a dynamic community of users and participants. 

We welcome the participation of everyone interested in the subject to get involved through the Forum section provided. 


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Patternway Software Solution Limited
UK Company Registration No. 08618685
Vat Reg. No. 174 3848 80


Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services on a range of operational intelligence solutions. These include:

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