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Patternway Intelligent BPM Suite


Patternway iBPMs is an intelligent business process management suite that provides the cutting edge technology to assist businesses and organisations  to be more efficient and effective through optimising the management of their business processes. It extend the concept of business process management and workflows to provide a holistic approach to managing enterprise business processes through process languages such as BPMN and BPEL. Patternway iBPM encompasses the most cutting edge technologies to provide a first class intelligent business process management solution to challenges in business management.

Patternway Operational Intelligence


Patternway iBPMs provides the BPM solution within the operational intelligence technology. As part of an operational intelligence suite, the Patternway iBPM suite provides the capability to define and manage policies across the enterprise, apply the policies to events, and then take action accordingly. It is a key component of the Operational Intelligence solution that enables organisations to leverage the analytics provided to make immediate decisions and carry them out both automatically or manually through human interactions. 

Patternway Service Oriented Architecture

SOA Patterms

Patternway iBPMs is the business layer on top of the SOA infrastructure and orchestrates the services exposed by the SOA architecture and uses SOA for its development architecture and integration strategies. Service Oriented Architecture( SOA) is a software architecture design pattern which is based on service orientation design and principles. It provides the blueprint, infrastructure and a flexible set of design principles which are used during the systems development and integration phases of BPM projects. SOA enables the creation of platform independent and enterprise cloud solutions and as such Patternway iBPMs implements SOA for its development architecture and integration solutions.

We offer training courses on SOA and BPM that covers application of SOA and BPM in enterprise application development.

Patternway Process Mining

SOA Patterms

The Process mining component in the Patternway iBPM Suite provides the tools for discovering and extracting processes from event logs recorded by an information system. The module enables users to extract past and current processes from the event logs, analyse them and make modifications or improvements to selected processes. The extract processes can also be used as a model or blueprint for the creation of other new processes.

In a fast changing world of business technology and management, the Patternway's processes mining module allow businesses to discover their business processes, update and improve them speedily to compete in the current competitive market to gain the competitive edge through better and more efficient business processes.

Pattern (data) Mining

Data (pattern) mining functionality is at the heart of an intelligent decision support system. Such system advise on best decision route depending on the results of its data mining analysis. Patterns describe related sets and subsets of data. It can be guaranteed that there will be patterns In any given set of data of a reasonable size. The challenge is to recognize and extract those patterns. These are done through number of technics in data mining such as classification, regression film izle and clustering. Software based on such algorithms and processes are developed to enable users extract patterns from data.

Data mining, pattern mining and process mining play a central role within Patternway iBPM which includes a suite of toolsets that uses active analytics to extract patterns and perform predictive analysis.


Business Process Management Patterns (BPM Patterns)


BPM technology provides the means for the companies to be more efficient and effective through optimising their business processes and bridges IT and business. It extend the concept of workflows to provide a holistic approach to managing enterprise business management through process languages such as BPMN and BPEL. In addition to consultancy services on the application of BMP, we provide a number of training courses on the BPM and its implementation in BPM engines such as JBPM.


Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services on a range of operational intelligence solutions. These include:

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Pattern Tools

We provide a suite of software application tools to facilitate design pattern and data pattern mining and analysis.

Our Products

Suite of Design Pattern Tools

This is a pattern-based static program analyser that includes a suite of toolset for design pattern mining and application. One of its key utility is to evaluates program design and make suggestion on inclusion of appropriate patterns within the design wherever applicable. The software helps developers and code reviewers evaluate the quality of their software products and projects and improve and optimise them.

Suite of Data Pattern Tools

We offer a data miner software package that is based on up to date machine learning techniques to extract and analyse data. The software is specifically designed for its application in experimental software engineering.The package is specifically optimized to extract human usable patterns from a given set of data.

BPM - SOA Training

List of Courses
JBPM for Developers
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Fundamentals
BPM Implementation
Application of classic GoF Design Patterns
Data Mining Fundamentals
Big Data Fundamentals
Business Intelligence Implementation

Management of Business Processes


Tasks of various resources are linked together into processes with a desire to continually improve the process. .

Business Process Analysis (BPA)


Provision of comprehensive  modelling tools for process analysts and managers to perform business process analysis.